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Saturday, April 18, 2015



University Honors and Awards

The many personal and collaborative achievements listed illustrate commitment to scholarship, outreach, and research among members of the university community, placing Virginia Tech among the top research universities in the world.

Browse the lists of awards and recipients.


Faculty Scholar of the Week

    scott mccrickard

Scott McCrickard, an associate professor of computer science in the College of Engineering, works at the interface of multitaskers and their cell phones and computerized devices.

Staff Employee of the Week

    Vickie Martin

Vickie Martin, fiscal technician for the School of Education, helped the school raise $15 million in external funds during the last 40 years.

Teacher of the Week

    Young Teck Kim

Young Teck Kim, assistant professor of sustainable biomaterials in the College of Natural Resources and Environment, strives for excellence in teaching and advising.