Summer is a time of significant activity from departments planning to move and update telephone and network services.

To help ensure telecommunications work and associated billing are completed on time this summer and before the end of the fiscal year, Network Infrastructure and Services (NI&S) recommends submitting Interdepartmental Communications Requests (ICRs) before the following dates:

  • April 18 for work to be billed in FY 2017 (work must be complete or cell phone delivered no later than May 15 to be charged on the June 1 bill).
  • June 15 for work to be completed before Aug. 31.

The online ICR is available at:

Estimates to accommodate large departmental moves and renovations, should be requested using the form. Search for "project estimate" on

For additional information, please contact a NI&S Customer Services team member at 1-6460 or via email to