Virginia Tech has received a gift of 35,000 licenses for SpamEnder™ software from Evolvian. The gift has a retail value of $1,048,250. Evolvian is an innovative software company that provides solutions to problems in today's communications world. According to Evolvian, by 2005, spam is expected to account for 70% of email traffic. Spam wastes time, can be offensive, and reduces the productivity of employees. SpamEnder™ is an antispam technology solution that works uniquely for each end user and provides excellent spam protection. The software works directly with Microsoft Outlook and will be made available to all Tech students, employees, and alumni.

The founding partner and CEO of Evolvian, Shivon Dosky, is a Virginia Tech alumnus, having graduated in 1989 with an electrical engineering degree. Several years ago, Dosky recognized the need for better antispam solutions. Shivon, along with a team of software developers, email application architects, and Internet and customer service experts, formed what is now Evolvian. The company began studying the problem of unwanted email and developed new and innovative ideas that form the basis of SpamEnder™.

Dosky chose to make a donation of SpamEnder™ software to Virginia Tech because of his close ties to the university and his respect for the university's commitment to technology. "Virginia Tech is a state of the art university," says Dosky. "The students, faculty, and staff are all receptive to new technology and software."

John Krallman, Virginia Tech's Director of Information Technology Acquisitions says, "At Virginia Tech, we pride ourselves on using the most advanced technology available. SpamEnder is an indispensable addition to our antispam arsenal. With SpamEnder, we are able to provide our users with a robust, flexible, client-based solution to the challenge that spam presents. We are delighted that Evolvian has provided such an effective tool for our users."

Written by Amy Ostroth.