Hokie, the Virginia Tech Police Department's German shepherd, will be presented with a custom-fitted Virginia Tech Kevlar bulletproof vest to protect him from all the dangers he faces while performing his daily duties.

Steve Cason, officer of the First State Chapter of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association, will present the vest to Officer Keith Weaver and Hokie at 9 a.m., Friday, June 4, in the Duck Pond gazebo. Also, Police Chief Duncan will be in attendance for the ceremony.

The vest is complete with custom-made identification patches designed and tailored to personalize the vest for Hokie and distinguish him as a police dog.

Virginia Tech is the first university police department in the state to bring a police dog on board. Hokie began his work in the department after completion of canine training in April 2002 under the command of Weaver. Hokieis duties include tracking suspects, missing people and searching for drugs.

The First State Chapter was inspired to pursue this community service project after reading a VT Netletter article featuring Hokie and Weaver.