When disasters strike a community, residents need information. To help the news media give its readers information they need to recover from a disaster, Virginia Cooperative Extension has developed a website with a series of publications on what people should do after a disaster.

These publications can be used by reporters in developing stories. With slight modifications, reporters can quickly fashion articles that will answer questions that will be on the minds of people whose homes and lives have been affected by the disaster.

The URL is http://www.ext.vt.edu/pubs/disaster/disaster.html, and you can select the publication.

The information is from Virginia Cooperative Extension and was prepared by faculty members at Virginia Tech.

Extension is a program that connects the people of the state with the land-grant universities, Virginia Tech and Virginia State University. It provides research-based educational programs to help people improve their lives at home and at work.

Anyone who does not have access to the Web can contact their local Virginia Cooperative Extension office.

Publications available are:

Safety After a Disaster

Electrical Safety After a Disaster

Chain Saw Safety After a Disaster

Snakes After a Disaster

Hunter Safety After a Disaster

Select the Right Portable Generator After a Disaster

Making Temporary Structural Repairs After a Disaster

Food & Water

Clean Water After a Disaster

Safe Foods After a Disaster

Cooking When the Power Goes Off After a Disaster

Emergency Supplies of Water for Drinking and Food Preparation

Coping with Stress

Dealing with Stress After a Disaster

Helping Your Child Cope with Disaster


Cleaning Carpets and Floors After a Disaster

Cleaning Up After a Disaster: Clothing

Cleaning Up After a Disaster: Household Items

Insurance & Contracts

Flood Insurance and Credit for Disaster Victims

Filing Insurance Claims After a Disaster

Contracts After a Disaster

After a Disaster: Good News about Your Homeowner's Insurance Policy

Landscape & Agriculture

Salinity and Turfgrasses After a Disaster

Small Fruit Strategies After a Disaster

Assessing Landscape Tree Loss After a Disaster

The Storm-Damaged Landscape After a Disaster

Roof Repairs

After a Disaster Roof Repairs 1: The Rafters

After a Disaster Roof Repairs 2: Basic Materials

After a Disaster Roof Repairs 3: Sheathing Applications

After a Disaster Roof Repairs 4: Flashing & Sealing

After a Disaster Roof Repairs 5: Building Felt & Asphalt Shingles

After a Disaster Roof Repairs 6: Ventilation

After a Disaster Roof Repairs 7: Drainage