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Board of visitors approves 2005 promotions, tenure

June 17, 2005

The Virginia Tech Board of Visitors approved the following promotions, tenure, continued appointments, and administrative promotions at its June 13 meeting.

Promotion with tenure to associate professor:

  • Ananda Abeysekara, interdisciplinary studies;
  • Doug A. Bowman, computer science; 
  • Caryle C. Brewster, entomology; 
  • Craig L. Brians, political science; 
  • Evelyn C. Brown, business information technology; 
  • Jeffrey Connor, engineering education;
  • T. Daniel Crawford, chemistry; 
  • Paul F. Emmons, architecture; 
  • Erik H. Ervin, crop and soil environmental sciences; 
  • Alan R. Esker, chemistry; 
  • William J. FitzPatrick, philosophy; 
  • John M. Galbraith, crop and soil environmental sciences; 
  • Glenda E. Gillaspy, biochemistry; 
  • Robert W. Grange, human nutrition, foods, and exercise; 
  • Tammy L. Henderson, human development; 
  • Ian Philip Herring, small animal clinical sciences; 
  • Chuanxue Hong, plant pathology, physiology, and weed science; 
  • Angela J. Huebner, human development; 
  • Shannon E. Jarrott, human development; 
  • Martin E. Johnson, mechanical engineering; 
  • Ann-Marie Knoblauch, art and art history; 
  • Tamara W. Knott, engineering education; 
  • Katharine F. Knowlton, dairy science; 
  • Sattar A. Mansi, finance, insurance, and business law; 
  • Audrey P. McElroy, animal and poultry sciences; 
  • Dini M. Miller, entomology; 
  • Djordje Minic, physics; 
  • Steven B. Phillips, crop and soil environmental sciences; 
  • Susanna Rinehart, theatre arts; 
  • Carin L. Roberts-Wollman, civil and environmental engineering; 
  • Madeline E. Schreiber, geosciences; 
  • Holly L. Scoggins, horticulture; 
  • Tonya L. Smith-Jackson, industrial and systems engineering; 
  • Shrindhi Varadarajan, computer science; 
  • Jan Marinus (Rien) Visser, forestry; 
  • Erik C. Westman, mining and minerals engineering; 
  • James H. Westwood, plant pathology, physiology, and weed science; and
  • Shuhai Xiao, geosciences.

Tenure at the currently held rank of associate professor:

  • Marte S. Gutierrez, civil and environmental engineering; 
  • William R. Huckle, biomedical sciences and pathobiology;
  • Stephen Melville, biological sciences; and 
  • Stephen P. Prisley, forestry.

Promotion to the rank of professor:

  • Slimane Adjerid, mathematics; 
  • Linda M. Anderson, English; 
  • Karen J. Brewer, chemistry; 
  • Ing R. Chen, computer science; 
  • Andrea M. Dietrich, civil and environmental engineering; 
  • Charles E. Frazier, wood science and forest products; 
  • Robert P. Gilles, economics; 
  • William Wat Hopkins, communication; 
  • Stephen L. Kampe, materials science and engineering; 
  • Robert H. Leonard, theatre arts; 
  • Gail Letzter, mathematics; 
  • Nancy G. Love, civil and environmental engineering; 
  • Russell D. Meller, industrial and systems engineering; 
  • Julie L. Ozanne, marketing; 
  • James W. Pease, agricultural and applied economics; 
  • Mehdi Setareh, architecture; 
  • Mark Shimozono, mathematics; 
  • Robert L. Smith, wood science and forest products; 
  • Bradley Jay Sullivan, forestry; 
  • Peter R. Wallenstein, history; and
  • Bevlee A. Watford, engineering education.

Continued appointment:

  • Caryl E. Gray, instruction, reference, and outreach, University Libraries.

Promotion with continued appointment to the rank of associate professor:

  • Cathy M. Sutphin, agricultural and Extension education.

Promotion to the rank of associate professor:

  • Peter E. Doolittle, teaching and learning; and
  • Edward F. Lener, instruction, reference, and outreach, University Libraries.

Promotion to the rank of assistant professor:

  • Heather H. Ball, instruction, reference, and outreach, University Libraries.

Promotion to the rank of clinical assistant professor:

  • Jennifer A. Brown, large animal clinical sciences; 
  • Anne M. Desrochers, large animal clinical sciences; 
  • Wallace L. Palmer, large animal clinical sciences; 
  • Alison A. Smith, large animal clinical sciences; and
  • Byron L. Young, large animal clinical sciences.

Promotion to the rank of senior Extension agent:

  • L. Dawn Barnes, Floyd County, Virginia Cooperative Extension; and
  • Linda Murphy, Culpeper County, Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Promotion to the rank of Extension agent:

  • Adria Bordas, Fairfax County, Virginia Cooperative Extension; 
  • Jennifer Bowen, Prince Edward County, Virginia Cooperative Extension; 
  • Scott Byars, Fluvanna County, Virginia Cooperative Extension; 
  • Stephanie Diehl, Rockingham County, Virginia Cooperative Extension; 
  • Adam Downing, Madison County, Virginia Cooperative Extension; 
  • John Howe, Fauquier County, Northern District, Virginia Cooperative Extension; 
  • Elizabeth Johnson, Bland County, Virginia Cooperative Extension; 
  • Christopher Lichty, Pulaski County, Virginia Cooperative Extension; 
  • William Mullins, Dickenson County, Virginia Cooperative Extension; 
  • Karen Munden, Virginia Beach, Virginia Cooperative Extension; and
  • Guy Mussey, Stafford County, Virginia Cooperative Extension.

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