The following are the philosophies and procedures behind the proposed Myers-Lawson School of Construction at Virginia Tech.

==> The school will be jointly housed in the College of Architecture and Urban Studies and the College of Engineering to provide a unified identity within Virginia Tech to the academic community and to the construction industry. The school will:

==> Educate inquisitive values based leaders, thinkers, and integrators able to succeed in all sectors of the industry by providing an education founded on technical, managerial, and practical knowledge.

==> Provide a critical mass of faculty and students to work across traditional boundaries and share learning environments, research, and academic life without the constraints and preconceptions of traditional departments.

==> Create learning environments and establish research programs that will be based on the needs of the industry and communities, without compromise in creativity and technical quality. Partner with industry to be the benchmark provider of knowledge and leadership and make construction a career of first choice.

The academic programs’ six priorities:

==> Coordination of the existing degrees in construction;

==> Establishment of a new bachelor’s degree in construction engineering and management and coordination of the undergraduate education in construction;

==> Establishment of a new interdisciplinary Ph.D. degree in construction;

==> Establishment of three centers of excellence that characterize and form the philosophical foundation for the school in the areas of: value-based leadership, excellence in creative learning environments and research, and integration and sustenance of the built environment;

==> Support for and the development of synergy with the Center for Innovation in Construction Safety and Health;

==> Expand outreach activities in partnership with industry.

Additional information on A. Ross Myers and John R. Lawson II and their companies can be found here.