Every year, many people make New Year’s resolutions to eat better, exercise more, and make healthier choices. Student Programs wants to help students keep their resolutions by assisting them along the way. This year, Jenny Lindsey, Student Programs’ registered dietitian, is offering a free interactive nutrition course to teach students how to make healthier choices.

For this course, students will complete an in-depth online class on health and nutrition in early February and set some personal health goals. Students will also keep a log of eating and exercise habits for three days, and receive helpful daily nutrition and health tips by e-mail. Participants will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with nutrition counselors who can offer guidance and support for achieving their goals.

Studies have shown that it takes three weeks to successfully change a habit. It is Lindsey’s hope that with goals, education and guidance, participants in the course will be able to change their habits before spring break in early March, the deadline for many students’ personal fitness goals.

This class is a part of Student Programs’ effort to raise awareness about good nutrition. March is National Nutrition Month, and Student Programs’ Housing and Dining Services has developed its own campaign to work in conjunction with the American Dietetic Association’s theme for this year, “Step up to Nutrition & Health”. The campaign, “Step up to the Plate,” will encompass materials and promotions leading up to, and during National Nutrition Month, culminating in a special nutrition-focused event that will be held during dinner at D2 dining hall on Thursday, March 23.

Student Programs employs a registered dietitian to provide guidance and information for students and to help dining centers maintain a healthy balance of menu items. Students can take advantage of programs administered by the dietitian throughout the year, including “You’re Eating Smarter,” a program designed to educate people on ways to make healthier choices. The program includes numerous table cards and online facts to provide information and dispel nutrition myths; nutrition quizzes; one-on-one consultation opportunities; nutritional analysis; and food safety information.