Virginia Tech has named Raheel Khan, a resident of Springfield, Va., as the Outstanding Graduating Senior for the Pamplin College of Business

“Mr. Khan received this award because of his services to the university, as well as his many accomplishments throughout his academic career,” said Dr. Richard E. Sorensen, dean of Pamplin College of Business.

Khan is expected to receive his bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Information Systems from Pamplin College of Business in May of this year. Throughout his academic career at Virginia Tech, Khan has held many leadership positions in his activities on campus.

Among his leadership positions, Khan has been the Business Manager of the Collegiate Times since the spring of 2005. During this time, it has been his responsibility to manage the budget and coordinate all operations of the business. Khan has also served on the Executive Planning Committee of Virginia Tech in which he prepared proper financial documentation to receive funding from Student Government.

The Outstanding Senior Awards are presented at the Student Honors Day Banquet each spring. These awards are co-sponsored by the Virginia Tech Alumni Association and the senior class.

The purpose of the award is recognition of outstanding student performance in each college of the university. Students are selected on the basis of their quality credit average (3.4 or higher) and outstanding performance in several or all of the following areas: academic achievement, extracurricular activities, leadership positions and contributions of service to the university and/or community.

Virginia Tech's nationally ranked Pamplin College of Business offers undergraduate and graduate programs in accounting and information systems, business information technology, economics, finance, hospitality and tourism management, management, and marketing. The college emphasizes the development of leadership skills and ethical values and the integration of technology in the academic curriculum, and prepares students for global business challenges through faculty-led study abroad programs. A member of the college's marketing faculty directs the interdisciplinary Sloan Foundation Forest Industries Center at Virginia Tech. The college's other research centers focus on business leadership, electronic commerce, and organizational performance. The college is committed to serving business and society through the expertise of its faculty, alumni, and students.