Virginia Tech has named Michael H. Willemann, a resident of Manassas, Va., as the Outstanding Graduating Senior for the College of Engineering.

“Mr. Willemann received this award because of his services to the university, as well as his many accomplishments throughout his academic career,” said Dr. Richard Benson, dean of the College of Engineering.

Willemann is expected to receive his bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering, as well as a minor in German Language in May of this year. During his time at Virginia Tech, Willemann has participated in many research projects and received many awards.

From 2005-2006 Willemann served on the Senior Design Project at Virginia Tech and as an Undergraduate Researcher. In 2005, Willeman received the William C. McAllister Engineering Leadership Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded on the basis of merit, leadership, and community service.

The Outstanding Senior Awards are presented at the Student Honors Day Banquet each spring. These awards are co-sponsored by the Virginia Tech Alumni Association and the senior class.

The purpose of the award is recognition of outstanding student performance in each college of the university. Students are selected on the basis of their quality credit average (3.4 or higher) and outstanding performance in several or all of the following areas: academic achievement, extracurricular activities, leadership positions and contributions of service to the university and/or community.

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