Virginia Tech professional communicators won 13 awards in the Virginia Press Women's Communication Contest. The winners were announced April 21 in Richmond. First place entries are advanced to the National Federation of Press Women contest.

Clara B. Cox, of Blacksburg, director of publications and outreach communication, received a first for a brochure about University Libraries, a first for history articles ("Henderson and Henderson: Focused on health" and "Owens and Owens: Making the best of a 'mess'") a second for editing the book, The Breakthrough Battalion: Battles of Company C of the 133rd Infantry Regiment, and a second for an ad in the Sugar Bowl program.

Mary Ann H. Johnson, of Blacksburg, writer and editor with agriculture and Extension communications, received a first for the public service campaign about Asian Soybean Rust, and an honorable mention for a news release about how neighborhoods contribute to healthy lifestyles.

Sally L. Harris, of Christiansburg, communication manager with University Relations until her retirement in January, received an honorable mention for an advertisement about the Graduate Life Center at Donaldson Brown.

Lynn A. Nystrom, of Christiansburg, director of news and external relations for the College of Engineering, received a first as adviser of student publications, for advising Engineers' Forum; a second in direct mail marketing for the Via Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Annual Report; a third for health articles, for writing about research to discover what really happens when a virus enters the body and about an electrical engineer's work on personalizing medical treatment; a third for science articles about a study focusing on the toxicity level of manufactured nanocomposites, and about research to improve analysis and design of underground space.

Susan E. Trulove, of Pulaski County, communication manager for the research division, received a first for the Virginia Tech Research magazine and a second for science articles about Virginia Tech's role in the discovery of quark interaction and about discovery half-billion year old fossils.