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Media truck guidelines effective Monday, April 23

April 22, 2007

All private media vehicles (those without a visible logo) must have a media permit. If you are planning to stay on the campus of Virginia Tech beyond Sunday, April 22, you will need a free media parking permit. All non-logo media vehicles will be ticketed if a media permit is not displayed.

  • Vehicles with media logos DO NOT require a media parking permit.
  • The media parking permits, parking guidelines and a parking lot map are available at the following two locations:
    • The Inn at Virginia Tech, West Campus Drive
    • Virginia Tech Parking Services Office, Tech Center Drive.
  • All large media vehicles with logos (satellite trucks) can occupy:
    • The gravel parking area of the Holtzman Alumni Center at the Inn at Virginia Tech
  • All private media vehicles displaying a media permit can occupy a striped parking space on campus that is designated: F/S or C/G.
  • All violation of standard parking regulations at Virginia Tech will be ticketed beginning 7 a.m. on Monday, April 23.
  • Unsafe vehicle parking – in roadways or on sidewalks – will be ticketed and towed beginning 7 a.m. on Monday, April 23.