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Virginia Tech Student Government Association urges support for 2007 Hokie Effect shirt drive

August 1, 2007

2007 Hokie Effect T-shirts
2007 Hokie Effect T-shirts

Virginia Tech football fans both locally and around the nation are being urged to support the 2007 Hokie Effect Program sponsored by the university's Student Government Association.

The new short-sleeve Maroon Effect and long-sleeve Orange Effect shirts—designed to provide a colorful and highly visible show of support for the Hokie Nation at home football games—are now available for purchase.

Hokie Effect is a program founded six years ago by the Student Government Association to generate Hokie spirit, motivate the players, and excite fans everywhere. "This is one of the best ways to show true Hokie pride and love for this school," said junior Ross Miles, a building construction major from Mililani, Hawaii.

"I think seeing the stadium decked out in complete maroon or orange is a great visual reminder of school pride," said Matthew Zackon, a junior finance and management major and Hokie Effect summer director. "I believe it creates a somewhat intimidating atmosphere for the away team and it also helps pump up our players out on the field."

Last year, the Hokie Effect program sold over 70,000 shirts. The group has sold over 30,000 thus far in 2007, and hopes to sell a total of 90,000.

Each year, the Student Government Association holds an online contest to select slogans to be printed on the Orange and Maroon Effect shirts. This enables students to decide what will be printed on the shirts and provides them a chance to get involved. The Hokie Effect Committee then selects the winning slogans.

"Student involvement is so important in a program like this because this program involves and brings together Hokies of the past, present, and future. It is a great way for a student to become involved with the university in such a well-known program," said Zackon.

This year's Maroon Effect shirts display "VT Game Plan," to encourage Virginia Tech's favorite football players to "SCORE." The shirts also include the slogan "Beamerball," which credits Virginia Tech football coach, Frank Beamer.

Orange Effect shirts display the slogan, "Welcome to Blacksburg, Va. Small Town, Big Sound," to illustrate Hokie spirit and hospitality. "This shirt shows how closely tied the Virginia Tech campus is to our local town," said Zackon.

Visit the Hokie Effect Photo Gallery to see a variety of views of the shirts.

The dates for this year's color-coordinated Hokie Effect games are:

  • Maroon Effect: September 29 vs. the University of North Carolina
  • Orange Effect: November 10 vs. Florida State University

In addition to those color-specific games, fans are encouraged to wear their Hokie Effect shirts to all games they attend during the season, whether at home or away.

Hokie Effect shirts can be purchased together for $12, or separately at $6 for the short-sleeve Maroon Effect shirt, and $10 for the long-sleeve Orange Effect shirt.

Hokie Effect shirts are also advertised in the University Bookstore catalog, which is sent to 188,000 alumni. Shirts are now available at the University Bookstore, Volume Two Bookstore, or online at the University Bookstore's website. This fall, shirts will also be sold at Dietrick General Store, Hokieshop Stadium Stores, and Student Services Store.