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Deet's Place to offer second annual Coffee College program

August 28, 2007

Whether you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur and can't live without it, or just like to drink a cup on occasion, the Deet's Place Coffee College is the perfect opportunity to learn something new about the "world's most popular drink."

The first course will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 4 at 7:30 p.m. at Deet’s Place.

Guest presenter Brian Babcock will return to Deet’s place––where he previously served as assistant manager and brewmaster––to share his knowledge on all aspects of coffee.

A series of courses will be held throughout the year––the first is COF 101: Introduction to Coffee. This course will cover an historical overview of coffee, how it is grown and processed, and what makes quality coffee versus commodity grade. It will also touch on the roasting process, brewing styles, and coffee flavor nuances. Future courses will become more hands-on, focusing on grinding, brewing, cupping, and tasting.

“Introduction to coffee will open your eyes to the word’s second largest traded commodity,” said Babcock. “We will follow the many steps that it takes to turn the seed of a tropical shrub into your favorite coffee. With more than 20 million people worldwide involved in the coffee trade, there is a tremendous amount of effort involved in keeping those all-night study sessions going strong.”

Babcock is currently working as roastmaster at the Easy Chair in Blacksburg, which will be donating some of its Cup of Excellence coffees to brew and provide to those in attendance.

Those who complete the entire series will receive a certificate and some coffee-related prizes. Each class will be limited to 30 students, so be sure to sign up early. Classes are free and will run from between 90 minutes to two hours. To sign up, stop by Deet’s Place or contact Don Harvey at (540) 231-8614.

Deet’s Place is Virginia Tech’s premier coffee, ice cream, and pastry shop. It is an original concept establishment, roasting its own beans and boasting its own blends––including the popular “Hokie Blend.” Seventeen different varieties of coffee are available, in more than 15 flavors. It was recently recognized with its second Golden Cup award, presented by the Specialty Coffee Association of America, which recognizes excellence in brewed coffee.