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Virginia Tech Recycling begins new paper recycling collection route

November 5, 2007

New recycling truck
New recycling truck

In October, a new chapter opened in the history of Virginia Tech Recycling.

Crew Chief Timothy Burnett and assistant Casey Helms guided the new paper recycling truck, VTR-10, into the Newman Library loading dock for its first job--loading up 2.5 tons of sorted office paper, glossy magazines, and newspaper.

The “Newman Greens,” a group of library staff members and two part-time students, were present for the big day. After two years of transporting the paper themselves, to the Virginia Tech Recycling station in the Duck Pond parking lot, the greens were very pleased with the new service. Their excitement is shared by other departments and individuals across campus who have been recycling paper on their own.

In the coming months, Virginia Tech Recycling hopes to re-establish weekly paper recycling collection to all academic and administrative offices. Burruss Hall, which has been serviced by student volunteers from the Environmental Coalition on Fridays, will be brought fully on line this month. Once Burruss is on line, Virginia Tech Recycling plans to re-introduce service to each college in turn, beginning with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Important to the success of comprehensive campus paper recycling is cooperation--between the people who use and generate recyclable paper, and the people who collect, transport, and process the paper. To facilitate this cooperation, colleges and their departments will be asked to provide liaisons for coordination on placement of collection bins, and scheduling of pickup service.

The goal for Virginia Tech is to exceed the state recycling goal of 25 percent in calendar year 2007, and then begin work in following years to move toward 50 percent.