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2008 Summer Session Grant Program awards announced

November 6, 2007

Several Virginia Tech faculty members have been awarded $5,000 grants to deliver individual courses in the 2008 summer session. Grants totaled $75,000 and were awarded through the Provost Office Summer Sessions Grant Program.

Established in Fall 2006, the grant program was designed as an incentive program to help promote summer session as an integral component of a student’s learning, discovery, and en­gagement experience. The University Summer Session Advisory Committee received over 50 applications for the 2008 Summer Sessions.

The committee congratulates the following grant award recipients (faculty name/course name):

  • Pierre Couture/Event Management & Technology Management
  • Roberta Russell/Operations Management
  • W. Lee Daniels/Soils
  • Michael K. Badawy/Management: Leadership Practices; and Business Policy and Strategy
  • Jennifer Henderson/Women and Creativity
  • Amos Desjardins/Introduction to Physical Geography
  • Michelle Moseley-Christian/Survey of the History of Art (Renaissance through Modern)
  • Jim Egenrieder or Rosary Lalik/Watershed Science, Education and Leadership
  • John Boyer/World Regions
  • Susan A. Hagedorn/Literature and Ecology, On-line
  • Lawrence S. Grossman/Landscapes of Food, Culture, and Environment
  • Nyusya Milman-Miller/Intensive Introductory Russian
  • Heike Meyer and Mariela Alfonzo/Cities, Regions, & Firms and The Value of Urban Design
  • D. Earl Kline/Wood Enterprise Institute
  • Ray Plaza/Learning About Diversity and Social Justice in a Global Context

For more information on the Provost Summer Session Grant Program and other summer-related efforts, please visit Office of University Summer Sessions or call 540-231-8192.

Written by Laurie G. Hillstock.