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Virginia Tech News / Articles / 2008 / 02 

Letter from President Steger regarding events at Northern Illinois University

February 14, 2008

As I write, events are unfolding at Northern Illinois University where a mass shooting occurred. Already we know that more than a dozen are wounded. This horrific news will certainly bring to mind the hurt, pain, and trauma we experienced less than a year ago.

I have sent my condolences and offer of assistance to the president of NIU. Our university community was bolstered and comforted by the outpouring of support from campuses around the nation and the world. I am sure that expressions of support from the Virginia Tech community will mean much to that now suffering campus community.

We should take this opportunity now to reach out and help each other. I am convinced that our university community coped because of our care and concern for every member of the extended Hokie Family. I ask you to look out for each other and seek help through university services if necessary.

Students can call Cook Counseling Center anytime at 231-6557. Employees call anytime to 866-725-0602.

I wish you the best.


Charles W. Steger