Virginia Tech's annual post-graduation report has been completed and is currently available online, for review.

The report, which is published annually by Career Services, a department within Virginia Tech’s Division of Student Affairs, includes some promising finds even in today’s variable economy.

The latest report is for the 2007-2008 academic year. In the survey, new graduates have an opportunity to explain their future career or educational plans following commencement from Virginia Tech. Sixty-nine percent of graduates responded to the current survey.

The post-graduation report offers answers to questions such as how many graduates are employed, is employment related to the graduate’s career goals, how do graduates from Virginia Tech find their jobs and how many graduates pursue additional education. Of those respondents who report continuing education, 61percent report that they are pursuing a master’s degree.

Additional information about post-graduation success can also be found by college and/or major within the report. Other points of interest included in the report are top-reported graduate and professional institutions and top-reported employers. The 2007-2008 post-graduation report, including additional highlights and summaries, is available online at the Career Services website.

Networking continues to be one of the most valuable methods in assisting new graduates as they begin making contact with prospective employers. For the 2008-2009 graduates who are still job-hunting, new opportunities are posted daily in Hokies4Hire. Employers continue to register and post jobs for graduating students and for students seeking internships.