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More than 270 engineering companies, agencies to participate in Virginia Tech 2012 career fair

September 10, 2012

Engineering Expo
Thousands of Virginia Tech engineering students met with more than 200 companies, including Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., at the 2011 Engineering Expo. This year, thousands of students are again expected to attend Expo, with more than 270 companies, firms, and agencies on hand.

Thousands of engineering students seeking industry internships and jobs are expected to attend this year’s Engineering Expo, again hosted by the Student Engineers’ Council at Virginia Tech. More than 270 firms and government agencies will be on hand for the Sept. 18-19 event at the Squires Student Center.

The SEC, a self-funded student organization, expects more than 5,000 students to exchange information with company representatives. For the first time since 2008, the event has sold out with 274 firms coming to campus, said Ben Drew, of Hudson, Ohio, chairman of the Expo committee and a mechanical engineering major.

“This record-setting number indicates the interest companies have in hiring from our university and the prestige of the engineers we produce each year,” said Drew. “With this many companies attending it’s crucial for students to come and fill all the positions. I am always amazed when I realize that this event each year makes a noticeable impact on the economy. We are helping all 274 companies grow as well as provide employment to the hundreds or even thousands of students that are hired each year.”

The two-day event takes place each day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Students are invited to walk through the exhibits, many of which include videos, products, promotional items, demonstrations, and other items which detail what the companies do.

A full listing of the firms in attendance at this year’s Expo can be found at the Student Engineers’ Council website.

The annual Engineering Expo is an extension of the council’s mission to promote the personal and professional development of student engineers at Virginia Tech by helping them to define career goals, pursue career opportunities, and develop leadership skills.