Following today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court overturning the corruption convictions of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, Virginia Tech Professor Bob Denton says it confirms his long held belief the case was a significant overreach by the federal government.

“It shows that this was absolutely a witch hunt, a partisan effort on the part of the Holder Department of Justice,” said Denton. “This was more political than real. And it certainly destroyed him.”

Denton, a recognized expert on Virginia politics and political ethics, agrees with others that the former governor showed some personal bad judgment, but contends that it was anything but criminal.

The high court’s opinion seemed to confirm that, rejecting the government’s position that agreeing to meet with someone on account of a campaign donation could trigger a corruption conviction.

“The legacy and memory of his entire administration will be this incident, both the indictment and the aspects of the family tragedy.”

“Many will say, there it goes again – another politician let off the hook, not being treated as the average citizens. While it’s good to show the court ruling for him, this entire incident will remain the most important and talked about part of his governorship.”

Following the original conviction, McDonnell was sentenced to a two -year prison term. He never served time, as the Supreme Court considered his appeal.

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