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Virginia Tech Board of Visitors approves 2017 promotions, tenure, continued appointments

June 5, 2017

The Virginia Tech Board of Visitors approved the following promotions, tenure, and continued appointments at its June 5 meeting.

Promotion to associate professor with tenure:

Catalina Andrango-Walker, foreign languages and literatures;

Aaron Ansell, religion and culture;

Bryan Brown, biological sciences;

Tanyel Bulbul, building construction;

Margaret Cowell, School of Public and International Affairs;

Alexander Dickow, foreign languages and literatures;

Priya Dixit, political science;

Adam Dominiak, economics;

Esteban Gazel, geosciences;

Julia Gohlke, population health sciences;

Travis Head, School of Visual Arts;

Deborah Kelly, biological sciences;

Leigh-Anne Krometis, biological systems engineering;

Amanda Morris, chemistry;

Andrew Neilson, food science and technology;

Zhange (Nicole) Ni, religion and culture;

Robert Oliver, geography;

Sarah Ovink, sociology;

James Owen, horticulture;

Michael Persia, animal and poultry sciences;

Michelle Rhoads, animal and poultry sciences;

John Richey, psychology;

Brian Romans, geosciences;

Walid Saad, electrical and computer engineering;

Emily Sarver, mining and minerals engineering;

Yang Shao, geography;

Michael Sorice, forest resources and environmental conservation;

Natasha Staley, School of Performing Arts;

Pablo Tarazaga, mechanical engineering; and

Jin Xu, Finance, insurance and business law.

Promotion to professor with tenure:

Jonathan Black, aerospace and ocean engineering;

Michele Borgarelli, small animal clinical sciences; and

Mitsuhiro Murayama, materials science and engineering.

Tenure at the currently held rank of associate professor:

Rolando Burgos, electrical and computer engineering;

Michael Fox, biological sciences;

Kevin Kochersberger, mechanical engineering; and

Mark Van Dyke, biomedical engineering and mechanics.

Promotion to professor:

Sheryl Ball, economics;

John Barrett, biological sciences;

Sudip Bhattacharjee, accounting and information systems;

Daniela Cimini, biological sciences;

Thomas Clancy, electrical and computer engineering;

Rami Dalloul, animal and poultry sciences;

Michael Ermann, School of Architecture and Design;

Daniel Gallagher, civil and environmental engineering;

Zhen (Jason) He, civil and environmental engineering;

Nicholas Loehr, mathematics;

Kramer Luxbacher, mining and minerals engineering;

Andrew McCoy, building construction;

Elizabeth McNair, engineering education;

Biswarup Mukhopadhyay, biochemistry;

Anderson Norton, mathematics;

Alexey Onufriev, computer science;

Michael Roan, mechanical engineering;

Shane Ross, biomedical engineering and mechanics;

Igor Sharakhov, entomology;

Yong Xu, electrical and computer engineering;

Kurt Zimmerman, biomedical sciences and pathobiology; and

Lei Zuo, mechanical engineering.

Promotion to advanced instructor:

Alexa Gardner, human development; and

Nicholas Robbins, mathematics.

Promotion to senior instructor:

Ellington Graves, sociology;

Joseph Guthrie, agricultural technology; and

Barbara Leshyn, horticulture.

Promotion to clinical associate professor:

Sunshine Lahmers, small animal clinical sciences; and

Theresa Pancotto, small animal clinical sciences.

Promotion to associate professor (continued appointment):

Nathan Hall, University Libraries;

Tonya Price, Virginia Cooperative Extension; and

Julie Speer, University Libraries.

Promotion to professor (continued appointment):

Zhiwu Xie, University Libraries.

Promotion to senior Extension agent:

Jennifer Thompson, Louisa County Cooperative Extension; and

John Thompson, Fluvanna County Cooperative Extension.

Promotion to Extension agent:

John Benner, Augusta County Cooperative Extension;

Brittany Council, City of Richmond Cooperative Extension;

Jeremy Daubert, Rockingham County Cooperative Extension;

Rebecca Davis, Frederick County Cooperative Extension;

Ursula Deitch, Northampton County Cooperative Extension;

Crysti Hopkins, Louisa County Cooperative Extension;

Katrina Kirby, City of Petersburg Cooperative Extension;

Jeannie Layton-Dudding, Bland County Cooperative Extension;

Laura Maxey-Nay, Hanover County Cooperative Extension;

Caitlin Miller, Prince Edward County Cooperative Extension;

Robbie Morrison, Campbell County Cooperative Extension;

Kathryn Overby, Prince Edward County Cooperative Extension;

Theresa Pittman, Accomack County Cooperative Extension;

Christina Ruszcyk-Murray, Northampton County Cooperative Extension;

Kelli Scott, Montgomery County Cooperative Extension;

Rebecca Sheffield, Culpeper County Cooperative Extension;

Glenn Sturm, Gloucester County Cooperative Extension; and

Thomas Woodson, Amelia County Cooperative Extension.

Promotion to advanced Extension specialist:

John Ignosh, biological systems engineering.

The Office of the Provost provided the information for this story. Content-related questions should be directed to Cyndi Hutchison at 540-231-2350.