The final stage of demolition work is scheduled to begin Aug. 28 at Monteith Hall, where windows and interior walls have already been removed.

A large excavator will be used to take the building down from the top is a process that is not expected to create considerable noise or cause the closure of Turner Street. 

Demolition is expected to take about five weeks, at which time the building, foundation, and debris should all be removed from the site. Crews will then begin the process to raze Thomas Hall.

Monteith and Thomas halls previously housed the cadets who now live in Pearson Hall, which opened in 2015, and New Cadet Hall, which opened last week.

The demolitions will complete the final phase of the major redesign of the Upper Quad, which has been under construction since 2013 when Rasche and Brodie halls were demolished. 

The Upper Quad precinct is home to several academic and administrative buildings and functions as the heart of operations for the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets.