Julia Ross, the Paul and Dorothea Torgersen Dean of Engineering at Virginia Tech, was elected as a director of the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) Engineering Deans Council Executive Board, the organization of U.S. engineering deans that provides vision, leadership, and advocacy on behalf of engineering colleges.  

Her two-year term begins this year at the conclusion of the ASEE Annual Conference in June 2018 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and concludes at the close of the ASEE Annual Conference in June 2020.

“To be elected is both an honor and an exciting opportunity,” Ross said. “I look forward to representing Virginia Tech in working with the board to tackle tough challenges in engineering education.”

The Engineering Deans Council is part of the ASEE, a multidisciplinary professional society for engineering educators. ASEE is currently led by Bevlee A. Watford, associate dean for academic affairs and director of the Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity, both in the Virginia Tech College of Engineering.

“With Dean Ross on the board, we are looking forward to her serving as an advocate for engineering education, research, and engagement assisting ASEE in achieving its mission,” said Watford, whose historic presidency began in 2017. “Julie’s background and professional history provides her with unique knowledge and perspectives that will be of great benefit to ASEE.”

Founded in 1893, ASEE is the only national engineering education organization concerned with all engineering disciplines. ASEE is a leading voice in the community, authoring reports on transforming curriculum and transitioning veterans into engineering careers, among others; managing a large portfolio of fellowships and internships for the federal government; and publishing the world’s premier journals on engineering education.

Written by Erica Corder