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Virginia Tech Board of Visitors approves 2018 promotions, tenure, continued appointments

June 4, 2018

Students in classroom

The Virginia Tech Board of Visitors approved the following promotions, tenure, and continued appointments at its June 4 meeting:

Promotion to associate professor with tenure:

  • Danna Agmon, history.
  • Amy Azano, School of Education.
  • Timothy Baird, geography.
  • Samuel Blanchard, School of Visual Arts.
  • Mark Caddick, geosciences.
  • Maria del Carmen Cana Jimenez, modern and classical languages and literatures.
  • Matthias Chung, mathematics.
  • Jason Crafton, School of Performing Arts.
  • Nikolaos Dervisis, small animal clinical science.
  • Rachel Diana, psychology.
  • Patrick Doan, School of Architecture + Design.
  • William Frame, crop and soil environmental sciences.
  • Curtis Friedel, agricultural, leadership, and community education.
  • Navid Ghaffarzadegan, industrial and systems engineering.
  • Benjamin Gill, geosciences.
  • Erika Grafsky, human development and family science.
  • Silke Hauf, biological sciences.
  • Jia-Qiang He, biomedical science and pathobiology.
  • Nathan Heavers, landscape architecture.
  • Celine Hin, mechanical engineering/materials science and engineering.
  • Steffi Hofer, modern and classical languages and literatures.
  • Laszlo Horvath, sustainable biomaterials.
  • Eunju Hwang, apparel, housing, and resource management.
  • Aki Ishida, architecture.
  • Benjamin Jantzen, philosophy.
  • Melanie Kiechle, history.
  • David Knight, engineering education.
  • Ioannis Koutromanos, civil and environmental engineering.
  • David Kuhn, food science and technology.
  • Christine Labuski, sociology.
  • Robin Lemaire, School of Public and International Affairs.
  • Qiang Li, electrical and computer engineering.
  • Xin Luo, biomedical sciences and pathobiology.
  • John Matson, chemistry.
  • Joel McGlothlin, biological sciences.
  • Philip Olsen, science, technology, and society.
  • Dustin Read, apparel, housing, and resource management.
  • Nino Ripepi, mining and minerals engineering.
  • Steven Rowson, biomedical engineering and mechanics.
  • Gabriel Serna, School of Education.
  • Nadine Sinno, modern and classical languages and literatures.
  • Venkataramana Sridhar, biological systems engineering.
  • Trevor Stewart, School of Education.
  • Michelle Theus, biomedical science and pathobiology.
  • Catherine Ulrich, School of Education.
  • Gregorio Valdez, biological sciences.
  • Scott Verbridge, biomedical engineering and mechanics.
  • Xiaofeng Wang, plant pathology, physiology, and weed science.
  • LaDale Winling, history.
  • Guoqiang Yu, electrical and computer engineering.
  • Paola Zellner Bassett, School of Architecture + Design.
  • Haiyan Zhu, sociology.
  • Hongxiao Zhu, statistics.

Tenure at the currently held rank of associate professor:

  • William Becker, management.
  • Christopher Byron, large animal clinical sciences.
  • E. Johan Foster, materials science and engineering.
  • Joseph Gabbard, industrial and systems engineering.
  • Steven Poelzing, biomedical engineering and mechanics.

Promotion to professor:

  • Montasir Abbas, civil and environmental engineering.
  • Janet Abbate, science, technology, and society.
  • Justin Barone, biological systems engineering.
  • Renee Boyer, food science and technology.
  • Randel Dymond, civil and environmental engineering.
  • Alan Ealy, animal and poultry science.
  • Joseph Eifert, food science and technology.
  • April Few-Demo, human development and family science.
  • Matthew Gabriele, religion and culture.
  • Matthew Hulver, human nutrition, foods, and exercise,
  • James Ivory, communication.
  • Yan Jiao, fish and wildlife conservation.
  • Sally Johnson, animal and poultry science.
  • Alexander Leonessa, mechanical engineering.
  • Allen MacKenzie, electrical and computer engineering.
  • Heidi Mesmer, School of Education.
  • Rolf Muller, mechanical engineering.
  • Lydia Patton, philosophy.
  • Rui Qiao, mechanical engineering.
  • John Ruohoniemi, electrical and computer engineering.
  • Webster Santos, chemistry.
  • Tina Savla, human development and family science.
  • Angela Scarpa, psychology.
  • Marc Stern, forest resources and environmental conservation.
  • Dorothea Tholl, biological sciences.
  • John Wells, School of Education.
  • Kris Wernstedt, School of Public and International Affairs.
  • Susan White, psychology.
  • Jinsong Zhu, biochemistry.

Promotion to advanced instructor:

  • Eric Hogan, biological sciences.
  • Victoria Long, chemistry.
  • Edgar Saenz Maldonado, mathematics.
  • David McPherson, electrical and computer engineering.
  • Eric Ufferman, mathematics.

Promotion to senior instructor:

  • Jeannine Eddleton, chemistry.
  • Heath Hart, mathematics.
  • Joseph Scallorns, English.

Promotion to clinical professor:

  • Tanya LeRoith, biomedical science and pathobiology.

Promotion to clinical associate professor:

  • Katie Boes, biomedical science and pathobiology.
  • Shawna Klahn, small animal clinical sciences.
  • Jeffrey Ruth, small animal clinical sciences.

Promotion to associate professor of practice:

  • Travis Burns, large animal clinical sciences.
  • Bryan Katz, civil and environmental engineering.

Promotion to assistant professor of practice:

  • Eric Martin, accounting information systems.

Promotion to collegiate associate professor:

  • Natalie Cherbaka, industrial and systems engineering.
  • Kimberly Daniloski, marketing.
  • Matthew Goodrum, science, technology, and society.
  • Michelle Seref, business information technology.

Promotion to collegiate assistant professor:

  • Cintia Easterwood, accounting information systems.
  • Dana Garner, accounting information systems.
  • Peggy Quesenberry, apparel, housing, and resource management.

Continued appointment at the currently held rank of assistant professor:

  • Ryan Speer, University Libraries.

Promotion to senior Extension agent:

  • Bethany Eigel, Chesterfield County Cooperative Extension.
  • Kelly Mallory, Madison County Cooperative Extension.
  • Kevin Spurlin, Grayson County Cooperative Extension.
  • Jon Vest, Floyd County Cooperative Extension.

Promotion to Extension agent:

  • Terry Alt, Patrick County Cooperative Extension.
  • Katherine Carter, Botetourt County Cooperative Extension.
  • Erin Cox, Grayson County Cooperative Extension.
  • Roy Flanagan, Virginia Beach Cooperative Extension.
  • Jim Hilleary, Loudoun County Cooperative Extension.
  • Kate Lawrence, Botetourt County Cooperative Extension.
  • Sonja Mitchell, Newport News Cooperative Extension.
  • Steve Pottorff, Carroll County Cooperative Extension.
  • Kelly Rose, Dickenson County Cooperative Extension.
  • Kari Sponaugle, Highland County Cooperative Extension.
  • Karrin Temple, Albemarle County Cooperative Extension.
  • Ann Vargo, Chesterfield County Cooperative Extension.
  • Kristina Yager, Henrico County Cooperative Extension.

The Office of the Provost provided the information for this story. Content-related questions should be directed to Cyndi Hutchison at 540-231-2350.