Work is underway at Virginia Tech to distribute a survey to all undergraduate and graduate students to collect their feedback on campus climate issues.

This survey follows a similar effort targeted to university employees completed this fall. When combined, the data collected from these two surveys will help the university to develop strategies and make informed decisions that will improve campus climate, job satisfaction, and ensure that our Principles of Community create a culture of inclusion and an environment that nurtures learning and growth for everyone.

In October, the university invited employees to complete a campus climate survey to gauge perceptions about our climate, diversity, inclusion, leadership, work environment, and job satisfaction. Thirty-four percent of employees responded to the fall survey; data collected will be provided to university leadership for their review and to begin conversations with their teams.

“I want to thank all faculty and staff who took the survey and provided valuable feedback, along with Vice President for Diversity, Inclusion, and Strategic Affairs Menah Pratt-Clarke, new Vice President for Human Resources Bryan Garey, and the team that developed the tool used to collect information about ourselves,” said Virginia Tech President Tim Sands. “The early review of the data affirms that Virginia Tech is a great place to work and learn, and also identifies opportunities for improvement.

“In the upcoming months the results of this survey, combined with data collected from students will help us make informed decisions and develop meaningful strategies to improve our campus climate, increase job satisfaction, and strengthen our commitment to the Principles of Community,” said Sands.

“University campuses are places with many voices and diverse opinions,” said Garey. “We seek to hear and better understand all these voices, and by doing so, we can more fully learn about ourselves and others so that we may grow together.”

Information regarding the student survey will be shared through Virginia Tech Daily and the weekly student email.