In the midst of the impeachment inquiry, it is becoming more evident the Trump White House lacks a clear communications strategy to respond to daily developments, according to Virginia Tech political scientist Karen Hult.

“It's not fully clear to me there is a coherent strategy,” said Hult. “Communications in this White House has had significant turnover in direction and inconsistent relationships with the President. President Trump, moreover, evidently sees himself as the chief communicator, which on occasion complicates matters.”

“Making it even more difficult is that White House officials are among those being referenced by the whistle blower and the inspector general, which probably makes trusting relationships and efforts to plan and implement consistent responses even more difficult,” said Hult.

“Of interest to me for quite a while is that the Trump White House does not seem to have a crisis management or war room arrangement in place that is dedicated to handling matters related to possible impeachment. Both the Nixon and the Clinton White Houses had such operations,” she said.

Karen Hult is Co-chair and Core faculty, Center for Public Administration & Policy, School of Public & International Affairs. She teaches political science at Virginia Tech, with expertise in the U.S. Presidency and Organizational and Institutional Theory.

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