The sound of sneakers on the court, the sea of maroon and orange in the bleachers, and the energy in the air can all be felt in Cassell Coliseum when it’s game time for the basketball team. These games show players' grit, talent, and will to win. However, these games also involve Virginia Tech fans — their chants, songs, spirit, and dedication to being a Hokie. 

If you plan to attend a game at Cassell Coliseum, here's what to expect in the student section.

Defend the Cassell

All students who attend home basketball games are considered part of Cassell Guard — the official student section of Virginia Tech basketball. Follow them on Twitter @CassellGuardVT for things to know before games, including student-specific giveaways and game themes (Military Appreciation, Cancer Awareness, etc.).

Chants and traditions

Most Virginia Tech students are well-versed in the “Let’s Go... Hokies!” chant — however, the “Old Hokie” cheer and jumping to Enter Sandman traditions are just as unforgettable. In 1980 the “Old Hokie” cheer was created by a student named O.M. Stull to celebrate what Virginia Tech embodies. 

What to wear

There will be games that are designated an “orange out” or a “maroon out” and you need to know which color to sport. Students can find information on what to wear from the Virginia Tech Athletics website and the team’s schedule page. 

Grab a fathead

There are fatheads provided by the VT Athletics Marketing Department in the student section. Get to the game early to pick your favorite to distract the opponent during free throws.

Download the Virginia Tech HokieSports App

This free app allows students to check-in to games and earn points and prizes such as pop sockets, travel mugs and sideline passes. Students can also download the Hokie Lights app to participate in a light show during the pregame video and be apart of the electric energy inside Cassell Coliseum. 

Know the teams

Follow the VT men’s basketball Instagram at @HokiesMBB and the VT women's basketball Instagram at @HokiesWBB to get to know the coaches and the players. Look up opponents to compare stats, schedules, and learn more about the matchup before game time.

- Written by University Relations intern Haley Cummings