The university congratulates faculty and staff members for their contributions in a number of categories, from advising students to championing outreach and research. 

Alumni Awards for Excellence

Joyce A. Arditti, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Human Development.

Joyce Arditti

Joyce Arditti, research

Romesh Batra, Clifton C. Garvin Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics, Alumni Excellence Award for Graduate Advising

Romesh Batra

Romesh Batra, graduate academic advising

Lori A Blanc, Research Scientist, Biological Sciences. 2014 Diggs Teaching Scholars Award winner

Lori Blanc

Lori Blanc, international education

David D. Close, Hort

Dave Close

Dave Close, Extension

Steve Hopkins, VCE, Extension Agent, ANR, Animal Science/Unit Coordinator Orange Cooperative Extension Service.

Steven Hopkins

Steven Hopkins, Extension

Peizhen (Kathy) Lu, Materials Engineering professor in laboratory

Kathy Lu

Kathy Lu, excellence in research

Marian Mollin, Associate Professor, History

Marian Mollin

Marian Mollin, teaching

Rolf Mueller, Recipient of Alumni Award

Rolf Mueller,

Rolf Müller, international research

Annie Pearce Recipient of 2016 Alumni Award for Outreach Excellence

Annie Pearce

Annie Pearce, outreach

Michel Pleimling, Professor of Physics,.Director of the Academy of Integrated Science, College of Science

Michel Pleimling

Michel Pleimling, teaching

Nada Mohammad Tamim, Instructor, Animal and Poultry Sciences.

Nada Tamim

Nada Tamim, undergraduate academic advising

Jianfeng Zheng Schiffert Health Center

Jianfeng Zheng

Jianfeng Zheng, international outreach

Edward S. Diggs Award

Jean M Lacoste, Instructor, Accounting & Information Systems.

Jean Lacoste

Zhange Ni, Asst. Prof, Department of Religion and Culture.

Zhange Ni

Akshay Sharma, Assistant Professor, School of Architecture and Design. Alumni Award for Excellence in International Outreach.

Akshay Sharma

Presidential Principles of Community Award

Linda K Greene, Office for Diversity and Inclusion.

Linda Greene

Bevlee Watford, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, Director CEED, Engineering

Bevlee Watford

President's Award for Excellence

Brian James, Univ. Unions & Student Activities 2007-2008 President's Award for Excellence and Govenor Award for Excellence nominee

Brian James

John Peterson, Laboratory Specialist Advanced, Forest Resources & Environmental Conservation

John Peterson

Doris Shelor, Religion and Culture President and Governor's Award nominee,

Doris Shelor

Tanner Upthegrove, Media Specialist, Institute for Creativity, Arts &Technology, President's Award for Excellence

Tanner Upthegrove

Adam Volk, Second-in-Command Pilot, Air Transportation Services

Adam Volk

Provost’s Award for Excellence in Advising

Natasha Leigh Smith, Academic Advisor Dept. of Engineering Education.

Natasha Smith

University Sporn Teaching Award for Excellence in Teaching Introductory Subjects

Michael S Rosenzweig, Advanced Instructor, Biological Sciences.

Mike Rosenweig

Staff Career Achievement Award

Patricia A. Aldridge

Patricia Aldridge

Virginia Clayton

Victoria Clayton

Theodore Ellmore

Theodore Ellmore

Janet S. Francis, Undergraduate Advisor, History. 2015 President's Award Nominee.

Janet Francis

Jacob Waller, BiolSci President and Governor's Award nominee

Jacob Waller

William E. Wine Award

Preston Durrill

Preston Durrill

Peter Graham, Professor, English

Peter Graham

Alex Niemiera, Associate Professor, Horticulture

Alexander Niemiera

XCaliber Award for Excellence in Technology Assisted Teaching and Learning

Edward Fox

Edward Fox

Dennis Kafura, Computer Science Professor

Dennis Kafura