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Professor Marc Edwards holding a media availability.

Professor Marc Edwards holding a media availability.

Virginia Tech's main campus is located in Blacksburg, Virginia, with educational facilities in six state regions and around the world.

While Virginia Tech is a public university and much of the main campus is open to visitors, portions of certain buildings and/or other locations are not regularly open to the public. 

Other campus locations may be housed in facilities that are located on private land or buildings, or may be in secure research facilities. 

Guests are required to have a visitor parking permit during normal business hours across the Blacksburg campus and at certain other times in specific areas. Visit this page for more information and for instructions on obtaining a visitor parking permit.

We encourage journalists to contact us before visiting so we can help plan your visit to any of our locations.

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Please refer to the university as Virginia Tech in news coverage. Our official name is Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, but using the full name is cumbersome. Thus, "Virginia Tech" (without the word university on the end) is preferable.  

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