Are flexible work options right for you?

From: Department of Human Resources

Is an alternate work schedule right for you?

For employees whose lives do not fit into the traditional “8 a.m. – 5 p.m.” work day, Virginia Tech offers flexible work options.

One option is the alternate work schedule which may include variable starting and ending times or a compressed work week with the employee where the employee has a four-day work week instead of the typical five-day work week. The employee would still work the required 40 hours per week with the new schedule.

Another option is telecommuting or ‘telework’ where all or part of an employee’s job responsibilities are completed at an alternate work site.

While not all positions will qualify for flexible work options, supervisors may utilize and must approve these options to give flexibility to employees that may need to work a slightly different schedule than others. Agreements for both options may be required depending on the nature of the option.

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