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Online chat tool provides employees with resource for environmental health and safety questions


From: Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety has launched a new online chat feature that allows employees to interact directly with the course instructors during the work day, improving both efficiency and productivity for employees/students. The chat function is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday for non-Scholar classes.

Employees/students can post questions or start discussions and receive quick responses via the chat feature.

This feature will also increase EHS’ flexibility in offering certain compliance training programs that require direct access to an instructor.

Environmental Health and Safety offers hundreds of in-person and online training courses each year to about 20,000 employees who work with lab equipment and chemicals. Course topics range from radiation safety to biological safety and farm safety. University Policy 1005: Health and Safety Policy requires that departments, supervisors, and employees/students participate in health and safety training.

For more information, contact Environmental Health and Safety at 540-231-3600.