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 From: Student Affairs

Students are invited to join a campus-wide conversation on civility at #CivilityVT: Let’s Talk. This weekly dialogue series invites discussion on a variety of important issues representing a wide range of opinions. Learn how to engage across difference, navigate conflict, and enter into hard conversations from a place of self-understanding, respect for others, and a willingness to understand. 

#CivilityVT: Let’s Talk dialogues will take place on Wednesdays from 2:30 to 3:50 p.m. in the Burruss Hall Foyer and second floor atrium areas.

Weekly topics are launching points for conversation. They are often cited perspectives and are intended simply to start conversations where participants will engage in deeper, more meaningful discussion. Please join final #Civility: Let's Talk gathering for the 2016-2017 academic year:

  • 5/03 - FRENEMIES: Bring someone you disagree with on one or more matters.

Students are encouraged to extend an invitation to those in the community with whom they may not see eye-to-eye. The dialogues will be a great opportunity to discuss important topics with one another. 

The series is presented as part of #VTUnfinished, Part 2 and in partnership with the Office of the President, the Division of Student Affairs, the Office for Inclusion and Diversity, and the Virginia Tech School of Public and International Affairs.

Prior weekly topics were as follows:

  • 3/15 - ENGAGING: How can we have hard conversations with civility?
  • 3/22 - BELONGING: What is the place of undocumented and non-citizens in our community?
  • 3/29 - LIFE: What is righteous on abortion, the death penalty, the role of the state, and individual choice?
  • 4/05 - LGBTQ: How do we accommodate transgender rights on campus?
  • 4/12 - RACE MATTERS: What is the place of affirmative action? If Black Lives Matter, don't all lives matter?
  • 4/19 - ISLAMIC VALUES, AMERICAN VALUES: Where are the points of intersection or difference?
  • 4/26 - RELIGION: Does faith betray reason?

Email studentaffairs@vt.edu with any questions and for additional information.

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