Virginia Tech’s 2019 Merit Process for Faculty and Staff

From: Division of Human Resources

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has approved a final state budget that includes a compensation program for salaried staff and faculty, effective June 10, 2019. We appreciate the recognition by lawmakers that a talented workforce must be competitively compensated. These increases are critical to continuing the university’s efforts to reward the hard work of our employees across campus and recruit and retain talented employees to Virginia Tech.

The commonwealth provides Virginia Tech with significant autonomy to implement state compensation programs according to university strategic needs.  To help explain how the program will be implemented at Virginia Tech, see the table below.

To be eligible, all salaried staff must have been hired before March 11, 2019, and have at least an “acceptable/developing” performance level on their most recent evaluation. Faculty must have been hired before October 2, 2018, and increases are based on the content of their Faculty Activity Report.

State Program
University Implementation
Classified Staff
2.75% Base Increase (across-the-board)
Classified Staff Supplement 2.25% Merit-based increase (variable)
University Staff 2.75% Merit-based increase (variable)
Faculty (T&R, A/P, Research) 3.00% 2.75% Merit-based increase (variable)
0.25% National Distinction (variable)


Employees will be notified of their specific merit increase by early June. Employees will see any increase in their July 1 paycheck.

In addition to these adjustments, the university recently announced increasing the minimum starting pay for salaried staff to $12 per hour, effective July 10, 2019 and will implement a new employee supplement for employees making $35,500 or less to help with employment-related costs such as parking or childcare, effective January 1, 2020. We are also examining the wage rates used in various roles across campus to ensure that Virginia Tech offers a competitive wage to all employees.

If you have any questions about this year’s merit program or need other information regarding compensation, please reach out to your department’s human resources representative or contact the Division of Human Resources at or 540-231-9331.