Deadlines near for Destination Area, transdisciplinary-related grant proposals

From: Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, and the Office of Learning Systems Innovation and Effectiveness

The Office of Learning Systems Innovation and Effectiveness reminds interested faculty and research partners that call for proposal deadlines for several Destination Area and transdisciplinary-related funding opportunities will close beginning Oct. 15.

Adaptive Brain and Behavior Destination Area (ABB-DA) Requests for Concepts (RFC) funding mechanism. This RFC seeks to support transdisciplinary work that advances the study of brain plasticity (as it relates to decision making, physical and psychological trauma, and development across the lifespan). Multiple awards (up to $25,000 each) will be funded.
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for the application form and instructions.
Deadline: Oct. 15

Rural Health and Infectious Disease:
In order to facilitate transdisciplinary research efforts, the DAs/SGAs in conjunction with the Institutes, are offering seed grants to foster collaborative efforts and to enhance the competitiveness for defined external support in areas that address issues related to rural health and infectious disease.
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for Rural Health seed grant application information.
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for Infectious Disease seed grant application information.
Deadline (for both): Oct. 15

The Policy Strategic Growth Area (PSGA) +Policy supplement is designed to enable extant teams to engage with a Virginia Tech faculty member with expertise in policy in order to add a policy component to, or enhance the policy dimension of, an ongoing research project. Maximum grant award is $15,000; 1-2 research team/fellow pairings will be selected.
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Deadline: Oct. 17

The Data and Decisions Destination Area is soliciting requests for concepts (RFC) that support its vision to advance the human condition and society with better decisions through data. Successful RFC awardees will identify and make impactful changes highlighting Virginia Tech as a destination for Data and Decisions research. Three awards up to $30,000 each are expected to be funded.
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Deadline: Oct. 31

More information on funding opportunities and transdisciplinary collaboration can be found on the Destination Area website.