From: Office for Equity and Accessibility

University policy requires that individuals who work directly with, supervise, or interact with individuals under the age of 18 in a university program or activity understand their responsibilities. In addition to employees, the policy applies to students who represent a Virginia Tech program or activity and individuals who volunteer with university programs.

University Policy 4815: Minors on Campus or Participating in University-Related Programs Policy and Procedures, requires that all of these individuals complete mandatory training that addresses their rights and responsibilities, including the need to report child sexual abuse or neglect to Virginia Tech and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

In the past, the training requirements included two different workshops: a “Compliance Workshop” and an “Engaging with Minors Workshop.”

To streamline the process, the Office for Equity and Accessibility, which is responsible for interpreting the policy, has updated the “Compliance Workshop” to include information previously included in the “Engaging with Minors Workshop.” As a result, the “Engaging with Minors” workshop has been discontinued.

Additionally, the online Haven Title IX and the Haven Plus (Title IX /VAWA) workshops that for undergraduate and graduate students respectively are required to take have been updated to include information to inform and guide students who may serve as representatives or volunteers with university programs and activities.

The policy has been updated to reflect the changes.

For more information contact the Office for Equity and Accessibility at 540-231-2010.