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Think it? Print it — anytime at a 24/7 Hokie Print Kiosk

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Every Virginia Tech student should be aware of the multiple self-service Hokie Print Express printing kiosks located across campus. 

They are easy to use, operational 24 hours-a-day, and offer students convenient, wireless printing in both black and white and color, as well as copies. Students can also take advantage of free scanning at the kiosks.

What does a 24/7 Hokie Print Kiosk have to offer? Here are the rates: 

  • B&W Regular Single Sided, $0.13
  • B&W Regular Double Sided, $0.24
  • B&W Tabloid Single Sided,$0.20
  • B&W Tabloid Double-Sided $0.38
  • Color Regular Single-Sided $0.75
  • Color Regular Double-Sided $1.46
  • Color Tabloid Single-Sided $1.00
  • Color Tabloid Double-Sided $1.96

Find a 24/7 Hokie Print Kiosk near you:

  • Johnston Student Center, 3rd floor lounge
  • New Classroom Building, 1st floor break area
  • Pamplin College of Business, main lobby
  • Seitz Hall, 1st floor student lounge
  • Graduate Life Center, 1st floor near Au Bon Pain and entrance to the multipurpose room
  • Henderson Hall, main foyer (Please note: this location offers premium paper and additional fees will apply)

24/7 Hokie Print Kiosk instructions:

Click here for full instructions on how to print, copy, and scan at a Hokie Print Kiosk, as well as the different ways you can submit a print job.

For any questions, email or call 540–231–1622.