From: Virginia Tech Alternative Transportation Department

Each summer, abandoned bicycles left on campus are removed in order to keep the university clean and ensure that bike parking is available for cyclists who need it. This process is also safer than allowing bikes to sit on campus over the summer, where they are subject to vandalism and theft.

Move out takes place from June 10 – 20. The bicycle impoundment process will begin on Monday, June 22 and should be complete by July 3.

This summer, Virginia Tech Alternative Transportation is implementing a new process and have marked bike racks in two different ways:

  • Bike racks with a white sign will be cleared beginning on June 22. Parking at these racks is discouraged during this time.
  • Bike racks with a green sign are where cyclists are encouraged to park. There is at least one of these racks near the main entrances to every campus building. Beginning this week, bikes parked at these racks will be tagged to warn people of the impoundment. Bicycle owners have two weeks to remove the tags from their bikes. After two weeks, any bikes with tags still on them will be impounded.

There is a $30 recovery fee when claiming an impounded bike. Impounded bikes are held for 120 days before being sent to Surplus for auction.

As a reminder for students, the new summer bike storage option is available for only $20. By implementing both the new bike rack marking process and summer storage option, we hope to decrease the amount of impoundments for students.

For more information or for any questions, please contact the Alternative Transportation Department at