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Guidance around receiving medicine and prescription deliveries in the mail

From: Student Affairs and Mail Services

Due to longer than normal shipping times throughout the country, Mail Services advises that students transfer prescriptions to Schiffert Health Center or another local pharmacy rather than having medication shipped to them directly.

To contact the Schiffert pharmacy to fill a prescription, please call 540-231-8103. Questions may be directed to this number or to

Please be aware that Schiffert Pharmacy has a limited formulary and does not stock all medications that off campus pharmacies do. Therefore, it is advisable that you call Schiffert Pharmacy ahead of time with your medication name and strength to confirm availability.

If students must have medication shipped to them directly, please make sure the box is marked with “MEDICATION” so that Mail Services can prioritize these packages.

In these instances, once the package has shipped, the student should also alert the Mail Services team at with the tracking number so they can keep a close eye out for the package.

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