From: Virginia Tech Emergency Management and Facilities Department

Here are some important reminders from Virginia Tech Emergency Management and the Virginia Tech Facilities Department to keep close by during a hurricane or emergency weather situation:

  • Check out Virginia Tech Emergency Management’s hurricane preparedness tips including how to assemble an emergency kit; how to prepare for a hurricane; and what to do during a hurricane
  • Sign up for VT Alerts. VT Alerts is Virginia Tech's emergency notification system. When a situation arises in which the university determines that immediate action is required on the part of students, employees, and others, a VT Alert is issued.
  • Close all windows during the rain; be sure to close windows when leaving for the evening or weekend to avoid significant water damage.
  • Flooding: If campus roads are blocked due to water, find another route. Remember…turn around, don’t drown.
  • Reporting outages, flooding: Immediately report observations of flooding, stopped up storm drains, power outages, blocked roadways, downed trees, and other concerns as follows: During normal business hours, contact the Facilities Operations Control Center at 540-231-4300. After hours, contact the Virginia Tech Police Department non-emergency line at 540-231-6411.
  • Develop communications and staffing plans: Communication with employees and affiliates, is critical.  As part of a department’s Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP), be sure to have your internal communications plan updated and reviewed with personnel.  A method for notifying department personnel of any change to the department’s status (e.g relocation, closure or delays) should be outlined in the COOP as well.  Plans for staffing needs during adverse weather conditions should be developed and ready to support ongoing efforts such as research projects.  Inform your departmental COOP coordinator of critical interests and equipment. Updates to departmental COOPs should be coordinated through the identified department COOP Coordinator. Should a department need assistance with their COOP, please contact Virginia Tech Emergency Management at 540-231-4873.
  • Reporting status updates - campuses outside Blacksburg: Should a Virginia Tech campus or research facility outside of Blacksburg have a need to close or delay due to the impacts of severe weather, or other conditions, remember to communicate that through University Relations at and Virginia Tech Emergency Management at


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