From: Virginia Tech Facilities Department

The Virginia Tech Facilities Department is planning a campus-wide steam system shutdown that will impact the supply of steam, hot water, and compressed air to a significant part of the Blacksburg campus from May 17-22, 2020.

In advance of the shutdown, departments and research teams should begin to plan for the loss of the listed utilities and potential impacts on research and other activities during these dates. 

The shutdown, the first system-wide since 2001, is needed to perform preventative maintenance on critical systems in the university’s Central Steam Plant and on the main steam distribution system that requires a system-wide shutdown to service. 

During this shutdown, all high and low pressure steam on the main campus that is supplied by the Central Steam Plant will be out of service. Additionally, any hot water that is supplied either directly by the campus hot water system that originates in the Central Steam Plant or is indirectly supported through heat exchangers utilizing steam supplied by the Central Steam Plant will be down as well. Finally, compressed air supplied by the system housed in the Central Steam Plant will be down.

An overview of the shutdown and list of impacted buildings can be found at

Questions regarding the steam shutdown may be directed to John Beach at 540-231-9906 or