Update: May 26, 2020
PPE and critical supplies planning

Virginia Tech Procurement is currently acquiring bulk quantities of PPE and critical supplies, including disposable and cloth masks, hand sanitizer (2 ounces/12 ounces), disinfectant wipes and spray, and latex/nitrile gloves that will be stocked and distributed from Surplus Property. These PPE items will be available to order though a new ISR form in Hokiemart in the coming weeks. Please start the planning process for your unit's needs around these items and other critical supplies by completing the planning survey at https://virginiatech.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cLOkuN02Zm9ZDFP. Questions may be directed to hokiemart@vt.edu.

Update: May 6, 2020

Units and their business officers are responsible for following the steps below to order critical supplies through the campus centralized PPE inventory process. Business officers should connect with their leadership to confirm the quantities of critical supplies needed for both summer and for when campus is fully operational in the future.

All Virginia Tech locations should follow the steps and guidance below.

Orginal content: April 29, 2020

From: Virginia Tech Procurement

In an effort to meet ongoing supply challenges around personal protective equipment (PPE) in support of critical university operations, Virginia Tech Procurement is sharing new guidelines for departments around the acquisition of personal protective equipment and other critical supplies.

As the national and global supply chain struggle to fulfill the needs of the medical facilities on the front line of caring for those infected, other essential businesses and educational institutions also in operation are struggling to find the needed PPE and critical supply sources.

During the first weeks of reduced operations at Virginia Tech, a call was put out to all university departments to volunteer critical supply items like respiratory and surgical masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. These items were generously supplied, collected, and placed in the university’s emergency centralized inventory.

The university is currently partnering with multiple strategic suppliers to place bulk orders of disposable daily wear masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant to have on hand for university community members who may need  to order them for use in mid-to-late summer and into the fall. 

The ongoing centralized accumulation of emergency supplies is referred to as the University’s Centralized Critical Supply Inventory. Please refer to the following steps around ordering PPE and critical supplies.

Guidelines for PPE and critical supplies acquisition:

1. Departments should not try to individually acquire or purchase the following critical supplies independently. It is important to not generate more competition for these products in the local and national supply chain than already exists in the market. The following items will be supplied through the University’s Centralized Critical Supply Inventory:

  • Surgical/procedural disposable masks
  • Latex or nitrile gloves
  • Cloth/re-useable, washable masks
  • Hand sanitizer (2 oz. and 12 oz. bottles)
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Disinfectant spray
  • Scanning thermometers
  • N95/KN95 respiratory masks (limited supply/must be fit tested by Virginia Tech Environmental Health & Safety to use – for specific units or individuals who may be at higher risk)
  • Face shields (limited supply for specific situations/interaction levels)
  • No touch thermometers (limited supply, for specific situations)

2. Departments should complete the PPE/Critical Supplies Planning Survey to share the estimated quantity needs for fall semester. Departments should only request quantities needed for normal operations. Reducing over-ordering will facilitate availability across the university during this time of short supply.

3. Departments may request assistance with sourcing for required critical supplies for their area by requesting a consultation with university Procurement buying staff who can assist in sourcing the items needed. Please complete the PPE/Critical Supplies Planning Survey to start the process.

4. Requests for PPE and critical supplies needed will be facilitated by submitting an Internal Service Request (ISR) in the HokieMart system. ISR requests submitted and fully approved will be distributed by Surplus and Procurement personnel the following business day. University facilities, offices and departments located across the commonwealth will be facilitated through the centralized supply inventory with the most appropriate delivery method to reach those locations. Virginia Tech Procurement will utilize internal billing to pass through costs to departments requesting supplies with no additional mark up in costs.

For more information regarding the University’s Centralized Critical Supply Inventory, please refer to the FAQs at https://www.procurement.vt.edu/AcquisitionPPE.html.

Questions may be directed via email to hokiemart@vt.edu.