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BT spring 2021 updates include enhanced Chicken Hill Lot, Beamer Way service

Red BT bus parked on campus.
Thomas Miller for Virginia Tech.

From: Virginia Tech Transportation Services

Blacksburg Transit (BT) recently announced spring 2021 service updates and enhancements on their website.

Among the updates:


  • The majority of routes will run every 15 minutes: CAS, CRC, HDG, HWAHWB, HXP, MSN, MSS, PHD, PRB, PROTOMUCBUMS.
  • The 30-minute frequency will remain on CBD and MSA.
  • TTT will continue to run hourly service.
  • Routes will run the same service Monday-Friday (no alternate Friday schedule).

Campus Shuttle (CAS) route enhancements:

  • BT has expanded service to the Chicken Hill Lot and Beamer Way. Two additional stops were added on the extended side of Beamer Way and the Chicken Hill Lot. These enhancements provide a convenient alternative transportation option for employees and students who utilize the Chicken Hill Lot for remote parking and for students who utilize Rec Sports’ offerings in the temporary structure.

Hokie Express (HXP) and CAS route updates (both routes):

  • There is a 15-minute frequency on both routes during Full Service, with a total of 4 new bus stops.
  • Duck Pond Road and Smithfield Lots continue to be serviced by both routes.
  • Two stops have been added in the Cage Lot serviced by both routes.

View the BT notice for additional spring 2021 details.

In an evolving COVID-19 environment, BT continues to carry out the highest standards of cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing across all of its fleet. BT also continues to monitor ridership levels and adjust vehicle assignments as necessary. Please visit BT’s COVID-19 FAQs page for the latest information.