From: Parking and Transportation

Every day, even when the university is at its busiest, there more than 1,500 available parking spaces on the Virginia Tech campus. Rather than wasting time circling crowded lots hoping for a space, consider taking advantage of the lots below and the Blacksburg Transit routes that service them.

Duck Pond (Cage) Lots

The Duck Pond (Cage) Lots are home to more than 500 spots left open every day. These lots are reserved for vehicles with a Resident permit or a Commuter/Graduate permit, though C/G permit holders may park in any spot with a Resident designation.

The Cage is approximately a 10 minute walk from the Drillfield. Blacksburg Transit’s Hokie Express (HXP) route departs every 10 minutes to take passengers on a loop of the Drillfield, with stops at Harper Hall, Hutcheson Hall, War Memorial Hall, Newman Library, and Burruss Hall. The Hokie Express is free to ride for all.

For more information about the Hokie Express, visit the Blacksburg Transit website.

Chicken Hill Lot

The Chicken Hill Lot, open to vehicles with any Virginia Tech permit, houses more than 800 vacant spaces every day. 

Blacksburg Transit’s Corporate Research Center (CRC) route picks up passengers from the Chicken Hill Lot every 20 minutes and continues on to Cassell Coliseum, Newman Library, and Burruss Hall before returning to the Chicken Hill Lot area. Anyone with a Hokie Passport may ride the CRC bus for free.

For more information about the CRC bus, including a comprehensive guide for traveling between the Chicken Hill Lot and the academic side of campus, visit the Blacksburg Transit website.