Live in or near Pulaski County? Consider vanpooling as a commuting option

From: Parking and Transportation

How much money do you spend each month on gas, parking permit, and the overall upkeep of your vehicle? Is it more than $150 total?  Did you know you can cover your cost of parking, fuel, and the vehicle for your ride to work for as little as $70 a paycheck if you live in the Pulaski area?

Save money and relax on your way to work by joining a vanpool. There are two spaces available in the Pulaski County vanpool, with pickups in Pulaski, Dublin, and Fairlawn.

Employees who live farther west can also join the vanpool. These employees can drive to Pulaski and ride to work form there, saving wear and tear on their vehicles.

Benefits of vanpooling include:

  • Shared cost
  • Shared ride and driving
    • In the Pulaski vanpool, individuals drive about once a week
  • Monthly cost of vanpooling is payroll deducted, using pre–tax dollars
    • This can reduce your taxable income
  • Reserved parking space for the van
  • Fuel inexpensively at Fleet Services' pump
  • Routine maintenance, including parts and tires, is included in the monthly vanpool fee
  • Emergency ride home for participants
    • For the times when you need to leave early or late
  • Five free parking passes per semester
    • For the times when you need to drive for work
  • Vans are provided by Fleet Services and are regularly traded out
    • Participants always have a fairly new and comfortable ride
  • Meet people from other departments
  • Save wear and tear on your vehicle
  • Reduce stress by not having to fight traffic every single day

The vanpool program is administered by Alternative Transportation.

For more information, or to sign up call 540-231-2116 or send an email to