From: The Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation

In conjunction with the university’s efforts to transition to a modified operations mode by Aug. 3, research has also moved from essential operations to a modified operations mode, effective Aug. 3, 2020, while continuing to recognize the importance of safety in further ramping up research programs. 

Research Under Modified Operations:

Working within modified operations in Phase Three status means further easing research restrictions as research continues to ramp up, carefully and in accordance with the Commonwealth and Virginia Tech policy. Most labs can/will be opened.

Undergraduate and graduate students working on sponsored research or course credit may return to established or new research projects.

Student volunteer research activity in labs is not advised since the density of researchers in spaces will need to be monitored to adhere to proper physical distancing guidelines.

Conditions do not supersede additional requirements colleges and institutes may add to activities in their units. Allowable research activities continue to require the approval of deans, vice presidents, or institute directors or their designee(s).

In resuming additional research activities, appropriate PPE with continued strict adherence to safety/hygiene and physical distancing requirements must be adhered to and monitored.

For questions regarding PPE or other health and safety concerns, please contact Virginia Tech’s Environmental Health and Safety office at: 540-231-3600.

Visit the COVID-19 Research Continuity Guidance microsite, to learn more about: