9- and 10-year-olds sought for research study on emotions and memory

From: Psychology Department

The C.A.P. Lab in the Psychology Department at Virginia Tech is conducting a new study focusing on children’s ability to learn how to regulate their emotions and its impact on memory. 

During this visit, your child will watch some short video clips, some for memory and others to elicit specific emotions, play some word and computer games. In addition to these games, researchers are interested in collecting information about the physiological components of these abilities. Your child will wear a stretchy EEG cap to collect brain wave activity and ECG electrodes to collect heart rate activity.

The visit should last about 1.5 hours. Researchers are looking for 9- to 10- year-old children; children who were born after a full-term pregnancy, who weighed at least 6 pounds at birth, and who are currently healthy. Researchers offer a $20 Target gift card as compensation for parents and a toy for children, and can provide childcare for siblings.  If you are interested in this study, you may contact Tatiana Garcia-Meza by phone (research lab—231-2320) or by e-mail (tgarcia@vt.edu). (VT IRB: 17-699)