Recruiting infants and parents for new study

From: The C.A.P. Lab

The C.A.P. Lab in the Psychology Department at Virginia Tech is conducting a new study focused on attention and memory during infancy.

During one visit to our research lab, we will be playing some looking and reaching games with your infant. In addition to these games, we are interested in studying physiological components of attention and memory behavior. This involves the infant wearing a sensor cap to collect brain-wave activity (EEG) and sticky patches on the chest to collect heart rate activity (ECG).

We are recruiting infants who are either 9 or 12 months of age (or will be reaching this age in the next 6 months) and who were born full term, with no prenatal or birth complications. Participation involves a 1-hour visit to the research lab with your infant and completion of brief questionnaires. Parents will receive $50 at the lab visit.

If you are interested in this study, you may contact Leslie Patton by phone (research lab—231-2320) or by e-mail (