CIDER renamed 'Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning'

From: Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, and Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost

In an effort to better reflect its mission to improve student learning through faculty programming to support teaching enhancements, Virginia Tech’s Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) has changed its name to the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

The name change more closely represents the center’s purpose to facilitate help-seeking behavior by removing the barrier of searching for services, and to bring Virginia Tech’s support for teaching within best practices in the field.  It also better aligns its name and purpose to support faculty development in instruction and pedagogy.

“The new name reflects the focus on enhancing teaching and learning and will remove the need to explain who we are and what we do,” said Kim Filer, assistant provost for teaching and learning, and director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. “We believe the renaming highlights our continued evolution as a teaching and learning support center responding to the needs of faculty and instructors at Virginia Tech.”

Rachel Holloway, vice provost for undergraduate academic affairs, says that a simple search engine query for “center for teaching and learning” doesn’t show Virginia Tech near the top of the results list, but does display many of our peer institutions.

“We want to be sure Virginia Tech’s great work isn’t lost in search algorithms,” says Holloway. “That’s especially important as we recruit new faculty. We want to be certain they find Virginia Tech’s commitment to excellence in teaching and learning.

“Knowing we will provide professional development and consulting to support their teaching efforts is part of what we offer prospective and continuing faculty.”

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning will continue its commitment to faculty to improve student learning using research-based instructional practices, enhancing student success at Virginia Tech and beyond with student-centered design practices, and serve as a model for innovation and excellence in teaching.

For more information on the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, contact Kim Filer at 540-231-2685 or