Cadets and their training cadre make the spring Caldwell March each April to mark the end of their first year of training.

A long line of cadets marches along a roadway.

From: Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets

The Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets’ Class of 2021 will complete the Caldwell March on April 14 to mark the end of cadets' first year of training.

This is the second half of the 26-mile march to commemorate the journey Addison Caldwell, Virginia Tech’s first cadet and student, made to Virginia Tech in 1872.

First-year cadets walked the first 13-miles of the march, which started at the Caldwell homestead in Craig County, in October.

The spring march will end with cadets entering Upper Quad between 2 and 4 p.m. Actual time will depend on weather and road conditions. As the cadets march in, the regimental band, the Highty-Tighties, will play and Skipper, the Corps of Cadets cannon, will fire. 

Many alumni, families, and friends support the first-year cadets as they march by being a Caldwell March sponsor. Anyone who donates $500 or more to the Commandant’s Priorities Fund becomes a sponsor. Each cadet carries the name of his or her sponsor during the march.

The deadline to be a sponsor for the spring is Friday, March 30. Make a gift online at, or call 540-231-2892 for more information.