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Corps of Cadets observes centuries-old flag traditions

Cadets prepare to raise the flag on Upper Quad.
Cadets prepare to raise the flag on Upper Quad.

From: Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets

Every morning and evening, the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets continues a tradition that dates to the beginning of the country and is in keeping with military traditions that date back centuries.  

At 7:20 a.m. Monday through Friday, the entire Corps of Cadets forms on the Upper Quad in front of Lane Hall. Summoned by bugle call, cadets salute the raising of our nation's flag while the traditional music called "Reveille" is played.  

The flagpole is adjacent to The Rock, the stone monument honoring the memory of alumni who died in World War I. Because it is a memorial space, no one should lean on or set objects on The Rock or the cobblestone area surrounding the flagpole.

At about 5 p.m. each weekday, the buglers and flag detail return to signal the close of the duty day by lowering the flag. On special occasions, the entire corps participates during a formal retreat ceremony.

The community is always invited to observe these events by standing at the entrances to the Upper Quad or on the porch in front of Lane Hall. Please refrain from walking or riding bikes through the area until the two-minute ceremony is complete.  

Remove hats and to place your right hand over your heart anytime the flag is being raised or lowered. Veterans and out-of-uniform military personnel may render a hand salute.